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i-QUE Link 50

i-Que Link 50

i-QUE link 50 Run Sage line 50 data from remote sites. Access customers and supplier records, raise sales & purchase orders and control depot stock remotely. All inputs are electronically updated via the Internet to the central Sage line 50. Transactions are electronically transferred to the Head Office and are posted to the accounts "In-Tray" The accounts department then have the facility to update the accounts automatically. Save costs as you only pay for the functionality you want.

i-QUE link 50 increases the functionality of Sage line 50 as information can be input and accessed remotely without huge up-front costs in IT and communication infrastructures.

Using our advanced technology transactions raised remotely are synchronised with the Head Office Sage line 50. Information can flow from both the remote sites to head office and visa versa. i-QUE technology sends information via the I-QUE server rather than email, increasing the security of the data transfer. I-QUE "viewer" technology is then used to view and edit the information prior to importing into Sage.

i-QUE link 50 is a cost effective method of managing remote sites/depots. The sharing of business critical information and the reduction of duplication increases efficiency and reduces input errors.

Using I-QUE link 50 software has the following Features and Benefits


  • Only purchase the functionality you require.

  • All processing is carried out on the local drives.

  • Data synchronisation can take place at pre-determined intervals.

  • The central accounts department retains full control over the data being input into Sage line 50.

  • i-QUE Link 50 has the same functionality as Sage line 50.

  • Accounting data is not displayed on the Internet so more secure.

  • Flexible and can be tailored to companies requirements.

  • SQL database solution for larger installations.

  • Multiple delivery addresses

  • Central stock control over multiple sites.


  • Access Sage line 50 data remotely 24/7.

  • Extend the usage of Sage Line 50 to beyond the normal 6 users.

  • No need to use VPN or Terminal server to access data.

  • Remote workers can have full access to amend data or just view the data

  • No multiple site licenses required.

  • Only pay for the usage and functionality required.

  • Remote workers can be as efficient as if they are in the office.

  • Full remote support on all systems.


For more information please contact:

i-QUE Technology PLC
Tel: +44 (0) 8450 700867
Fax: +44 (0) 8450 700857

email: info@i-que.com

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