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i-QUE Link 50

i-QUE link 50 Run Sage line 50 data from remote sites. Access customers and suppliers records, raise sales & purchase orders and control depot stock remotely. All inputs are updated via the web to the head office Sage line 50 system without any duplication of effort. Head office always retains complete control over all accounting data.  - More details.

i-QUE Link 100

i-QUE link 100 Access Sage line 100 and carry out processing from remote sites. Share Customer, Supplier and Stock records remotely. Reduce duplication of input with head office retaining all control over the accounting function  - More details.

i-QUE Remote Access

i-QUE remote access. Secure access to business information away from the office. The cost effective solution for those who are often out of the office. i-QUE remote can also be used to share information between head office and remote sites. - More details.


i-QUE Virtual Private Networks. The cost effective method of connecting more than one location using the Internet. VPN represents large savings compared to leased line options. More details.


Support i-QUE support Dedicated support staff to answer all your IT questions. No jargon and all highly skilled staff to help you get the most from your IT infrastructure. With our remote connection there all problems are sorted out instantly. More details.


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